daily update: covid-19, march 22, 3:25 pm

march 22, 2020

as promised on friday, we are connecting again today, and first want to say we hope everyone did something this weekend to lift their spirits as we all continue to manage the impacts of this ongoing crisis.we don’t have any new updates to share with you, but we wanted to take a moment to say we know this week is going to look different for all of us, as students and faculty start their alternate... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 20, 5:10 pm

march 20, 2020

this week has seen lots of changes for our community as we made the decision to transition to alternate course delivery and assessment and moved most of our employees to a work from home model.understandably, this rapidly evolving situation is causing anxiety and stress for both students and employees. we wanted to remind everyone of the counselling supports that are in place for... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 19, 6:05 pm

march 19, 2020

we have made some changes to our format to help everyone find the information they need.please note: new information is in the new items section; information that’s already been shared is in the reminder both the new items and reminder sections, you’ll find information for both students and employees highlighted in green; information specifically for students is highlighted in yellow;... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 18, 6 pm

march 18, 2020

today we were reminded again by bc’s provincial government that all of us must take proactive steps to protect and support each other and, in particular, the most vulnerable in our communities as we continue to face this unprecedented situation.everyone can do their part by following these guidelines to minimize transmission and reduce risk. another important piece to remember is that... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 17, 6:40 pm

march 17, 2020

we have said this a number of times, but we wanted to once again thank everyone in our community for their continued support and patience. it means a lot to see people coming together and recognizing that there are many people across our campuses and facilities working hard to respond to this unprecedented announced on sunday, our faculty are continuing to work hard to... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 16, 6:10 pm

march 16, 2020

first, we’d like to thank everyone again for continuing to support each other and for your patience and understanding as we try to get messages out and make critical decisions as quickly as possible. we again want to reassure everyone in our community that we are working very hard in the background to respond to this situation as everyone across canada tries to ... read more

covid-19 update: viu transitioning to alternate course delivery and assessment

march 15, 2020

vancouver island university is working hard to respond to the covid-19 pandemic and has been monitoring this situation and updating our response every day. i’d like to thank our employees and students who have come together to support each other as we work through this challenging and quickly changing situation.while we are not aware of any cases of covid-19 related to any of our campuses, and... read more

daily update: covid-19, march 14, 6.50 pm

march 14, 2020

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to get our daily update messages to you. And, as a reminder, if you have any questions that are not answered here, or on our COVID-19 website, please email UPDATES:Milner Gardens & Woodland and the Camellia Tea Room are closing for two weeksThe Federal Government advised today that all... read more

viu to close Milner Gardens & Woodland and Camellia Tea Room for Two Weeks

march 14, 2020

With the safety and well-being of our community at the top of our mind, viu has decided to close Milner Gardens & Woodland and the Camellia Tea Room to the public and volunteers, for two weeks, effective immediately – Saturday, march 14, 2020. Milner Gardens & Woodland is located in Qualicum Beach. The Gardens will reopen on Sunday, March 29, 2020. We are... read more

march 12, 2020: evening update to community

march 12, 2020

we are continuing to monitor global and local developments related to covid-19 – our primary focus is ensuring we are providing support to our employees and students as this situation develops. going forward, we will have a daily update to share the latest covid-19 news, as well as answer any questions we have been receiving. although the risk in bc remains low according to the bc... read more